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Thanks for creating such a great, professional and inexpensive database management product

Gary Crutcher
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DreamCoder for MySQL from Mentat Technologies to be simply the best
written by Harold Kinds, maggio 27, 2009
Although often neglected at the start of a software implementation project,the quality of software highly depends on the database upon which it is built.

MySQL is becoming more popular as a very reliable and good performing database and an alternative to MS Jet and SQL Server. Software builders, testers, users, and everyone who is involved with the quality of the software and its underlying data is in need of true database management software.

We have evaluated a number of tools that can manage the MySQL database and its environment and we found DreamCoder for MySQL from Mentat Technologies to be simply the best.

It is very complete, very intuitive and very comprehensive. Compared to the quality of software I have evaluated for MySQL applications, yours is simply the best.

With this very complete, very intuitive and very comprehensive database
manager we can setup, modify and audit the database structure and its
contents in a very effective and efficient way.

Many compliments.

Harold Kinds,
Manager Audit Software Development
SRA Netherlands.
written by Trevor, giugno 13, 2009
Having tried most of the tools available for MySQL admin, I find myself returning to DreamCoder again and again. The interface is very straight forward and clean plus it has all the features I require.

To top it all off, the support provided is exeptional!

Great product and great support.....Thank you!
I wanted to import a few Excel-Sheets in MySQL for a Joomla Site
written by Robert Bäurle, luglio 27, 2009
It started with a simple idea: I wanted to import a few Excel-Sheets in MySQL for a Joomla Site.

We´re living in an Open Source World, after one hour I had found half a dozen of solutions. Great.

One day later I had learned a lot about the possibilities how to destroy a Joomla-Installation - none of the free modules worked, but they all produced astonishing results.

I asked via Google how to import Excel-Spreadsheets in MySQL. "That´s a bit tricky" was the usual beginning of the explanation. The secret, I learned, is in the right preparation of the import-file, so that PHPMyAdmin can import the data.

I prepared csv-files, I prepared xml-files. I got a lot of interesting results. Except the one I needed.

Very close to the point where I wanted to give up, I found Dreamcoder. I installed it, selected Import, chosed my first Excel file - in less than a minute the job was done.

Is there any more to say about Dreamcoder? Maybe, that since I use Dreamcoder, most of my problems with MySQL turned into one minute jobs - instead of being occupied with database problems I can concentrate on developing my application. The free version of Dreamcoder is a full replacement for PHPMyAdmin - just faster to learn, and much easier to use. The commercial version is a boost - definitely worth to buy. And the ROI, the return on investment? For me it was less than an hour, the fastest ROI I ever realized.

Open Source and the idea of getting good solutions for free is a big improvement for any developer. But sometimes it just pays to invest a little money for a great commercial solution. Five Stars for Dreamcoder.

Bryce Morrison
Very convenient
written by Bryce Morrison, luglio 28, 2009
I've been using DreamCoder for MySQL for a few years now, and I've found it much more convenient than using other methods, such as phpMyAdmin with cPanel. I commonly use the features for browsing the tables, creating a custom query, and copying data between databases (from our live site to our beta site). In the table browsing, I enjoy using the advanced filter builder, or just simply clicking the title of a column to alphabetize it.

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